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Did you know that before you disable your credit card, you will also get damages?

In the nineties, we could still be afraid of losing or stealing our credit card, as bank card disablement – and, as a result, assuming bank liability for damage – took effect days after filing. The situation has been different for a decade and a half, but few people know that not only damages after a card ban, but even before the ban, will be refunded in excess of a $ 45,000 deductible if we are at fault. Moreover, even this own contribution does not have to be paid in some cases. We’ll help you out with what to do if something goes wrong with you.

The first is the filing with the bank

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When we have lost (or worse, stolen) our wallet, with the credit card in it, the first thing to do is to call the bank. The abuse starts right after the cards are stolen, so every minute counts!

Banks are required by law to maintain a 24-hour, 24-hour call center, and if they do not, or if they are unavailable, they must pay for the damage.

The law also stipulates that any damage caused by a debit card must be borne by the bank. Therefore, it is very important that you call the bank immediately if your card is lost!

You have up to thirteen months to report the damage after that transaction and then expire, but of course, don’t wait a minute to report it!


Where else can you block your card outside your bank?


Most banks have a so-called local fee. you have a blue phone number that is not usually available from abroad, so it is important that when you go abroad, you also write your bank phone number from abroad, along with your travel insurance number!

However, few people think that we can block the card not only in our bank, so if you do not have a bank phone number or are unable to make a phone call, you can block your card at any other branch of your card company (VISA, MasterCard) the card number. This is true both domestically and abroad!

In addition, MasterCard and Visa also have their own telephone support services, where credit cards can also be disabled. These numbers are free to call from many countries and their current list is available at:

MasterCard; Visa; MasterCard accepts calls in Belgium, Visa London, so English may be required.


Go to the police in case of a crime!

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It is important that if you have a crime and report it to the police, always do so after your card has been blocked at the bank! If you only go to the police, blocking your card can be delayed for several days, while blocking your bank card will immediately prevent further abuse. However, it is also important that in the event of theft and misuse of the bank, be sure to report to the police, even if your bank does not consider this to be justified, or you may discourage it! You will have a completely different negotiating position with the bank if the police know it!

Bank card theft is usually not detected immediately, so at least the main credit card on which you keep your money and which you use regularly can be useful for SMS. Also, if you are with you, it is worth a credit card, even if you do not use it often, because the thief does not take your money there, but you spend it from your credit line. It is a good idea to have SMS at least on the main card for a low transaction value because thieves often try for a small amount at first. If you only request SMS for larger amounts, you will not be notified of the first small charge, only the first one.

Although SMS is not designed for this purpose, it is not worth saving, because you can lose a lot of money if you get in trouble!


Are you sure you want to disable it?

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When you block your credit card at your bank, instead of blocking it – which is money and irreversible – for an electronic bank card (Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic), you may want to ask for a lower limit (up to zero) or block some cards where possible , because there is still a way to go from blocking and blocking. This is preferable if you cannot find your card, but it is unlikely to have been stolen. If, on the other hand, there is a theft, do not hesitate;

You can also lower the limit individually at several banks through your Internet bank.

When does the bank not pay?

When does the bank not pay?


In any case, the bank will bear the losses after the bank card has been blocked, and in the case of pre-blocking damages, it will be above HUF 45,000. However, there is one exception and it is very important that you pay attention!

Note that the bank will not pay you a penny for any damage before or after you have been blocked if you caused the damage by fraud or by intentional or grossly negligent breach. Particularly, this includes writing down the PIN on the card or next to the card, or on your mobile phone, so do not write down the PIN anywhere but remember it!

The law does not require a $ 45,000 deductible of pre-foreclosure damages if ” the damage was caused by a personalized procedure that is a cash substitute or a cash substitute for personal security. elements such as a personal identification number (PIN) or other code “. This translates to the fact that if you have been the victim of counterfeiting or trickery fraud related to your credit card vulnerabilities, which you were not expected to take away from, you won’t have to pay $ 45,000. Remember this, even if your bank doesn’t tell you!


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