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Self-employed loan | Peer to Peer to borrow

When you start working as a self-employed person, you always have start-up costs. You can think of a laptop, printer, telephone and workspace. Not everyone has the financial means to pay for all of this themselves. So self-employed people often look for a self-employed loan to bear those costs. This can take several forms, such as a credit facility at the bank, an SME loan or microfinance. Self-employed people are also increasingly able to go to online credit market places where loans are granted by private individuals, for example. Self-employed people who do not qualify for a loan from the bank, for example, still have a chance of financing here.

Advantages of Peer to peer lending comparison

Advantages of Peer to peer lending comparison

Are you looking for a personal or business loan? You will find all the information about self-employed loan at MarketCreditnow. In this way you learn everything about the possibilities of private loans. On this website we compare peer to peer credit market places. This means that you do not borrow the money from an institution, but you can borrow money from a private individual.

Read here about self-employed loan and get a clear picture of the options you have when applying for a loan. Often more is possible than you think.

Suitable choices

Suitable choices

On this website you will find an overview of the credit market places in the Netherlands with associated minimum and maximum loans, minimum and maximum duration and the minimum interest rate. With this we hope to help you make a suitable choice. We also inform you about, among other things, one-off costs and the possibility of repaying early or without penalty. In this way we give you the most complete picture possible of everything that comes with peer to peer lending.

You can find all the information about self-employed loan on MarketCreditnow in a neat overview. Compare all credit market places now and find the credit market place that suits you best!



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