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It is no secret that there are quite a few who have debts with Kronofden. About 400,000 Swedes and 100,000 companies have debts with Kronofden, which is a great deal. But what is it that makes us in trouble? We were going to address some of the most common debt traps and a little about what you can do to avoid unnecessary problems.


Common debt traps for Swedes

debt problem

In fact, the most common thing is that we Swedes fall into the debt trap due to mobile phones, broadband and telephone bills. Today we communicate as never before and we also have a number of different subscriptions in different places and many different bills to keep track of, which makes the risk of becoming even more problematic. Below you will find a short list of the most common debt traps for Swedes and then some tips that can help you who are at risk of getting wrong.


  • Mobile Phones
  • Loans and credits
  • Motor Liabilities
  • Elskulder

To the state

  • Taxes
  • Car related – fines, vehicle taxes
  • maintenance Debts
  • CSN liabilities


Tips to avoid the debt trap

Tips to avoid the debt trap

The best tip is to keep an eye on your finances. If you have a good overview and know how much money comes in and out, you can more easily see what you can afford and how to save money. If you are organized, you also have better control over various bills and can pay them on time or see when they cannot be paid. If you have a bill that you feel you cannot pay, then do not just roll it on but contact the company and try to split the bill or terminate the subscription / service. If you let it roll on, the debt quickly becomes much larger.

When it comes to loans and credits, one must make sure not to borrow unnecessarily and above all one should not borrow money to pay interest on old debts or the like. Taking a loan costs money and soon you have to repay the loan plus even more in interest. If you continue in this way, it becomes a bad spiral that makes you fall deeper and deeper into the debt trap.

Finally, you can try to avoid unnecessary expenses. In fact, such as parking or speeding fines can be avoided by being a little cautious and staying within the laws. This is money wasted on nothing at all, which could be used for much better things. There are often also some other things that can be saved, for example, that you have unnecessarily expensive electricity contract or expensive loans that draw a lot of money.


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